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[Podcast] Will the Trail Blazers get more dunks next season?

Adrian Bernecich joins the weekly podcast to talk about basketball in Australia and speculate about some of next year’s key metrics.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Blazer’s Edge Australian correspondent Adrian Bernecich joins the weekly podcast to report on the atmosphere in Melbourne during Team USA’s visit down under. Then we dive into stats from last season and try to determine how the 2019-20 Trail Blazers will compare.

Which numbers might get higher, and which ones might shrink? Which ones are hardest to decide? Play along and let us know in the comments below where you fall on what the numbers will say at the end of the season. Over or under? More or less?

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1:00 Get to know Adrian Bernecich. How does someone from Australia become a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers?

2:30 Who was the biggest influence on NBA basketball in Australia? Patty Mills or Andrew Bogut? Actually Luc Longley.

5:00 Initially watched via VHS tapes and followed the league via magazines and trading cards.

6:00 Pre-FIBA tournament in Melbourne, what was the atmosphere in the town? Australian fans were over the moon when Team Australia beat Team USA in their second game.

9:00 Growth of the NBL, the Australian National Basketball League.

11:00 Game commentary for the games played in Australia was fantastic.

Over/Under, Higher/Lower, Less/More: How will the Trail Blazers do this season compared to last?

Team Stats

13:30 Offensive rating 114.7 (League rank: #3)

16:50 Pace 99.1 (League rank: #18)

22:30 Assists 23.0 (League rank: #25)

26: 30 FT% 81.4 (League rank: #2)

29:30 FTA 23.3 (League rank: #13)

36:30 Percentage of FGA that are 2 pointers 66.1% (League rank: #11)

40:00 Made Dunks 383 (League rank: #15)

Individual Stats

44:30 Damian Lillard 19.2 FGA pg

49:30 Lillard, 50 shots from 30+ feet

57:00 Zach Collins 1.6 3PA per game

58:00 CJ McCollum 33.9 minutes per game

1:00:00 Hassan Whiteside 11.3 rebounds per game

1:03:00 Skal Labissiere 8.0 min per game


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