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Would you rather: Damian Lillard wins MVP or Terry Stotts wins COY?

Jamie Hudson of NBC Sports Northwest joins the WHAT podcast to debate burning questions about the Blazers and upcoming season.

Portland Trail Blazers v Chicago Bulls Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

NBC Sports Northwest Trail Blazers’ reporter Jamie Hudson jumped on the Women’s Hoops and Talks podcast to play “Would You Rather”, the debating game that no one needs but everyone loves. We talk about taking away the three-point line, CJ McCollum’s assist numbers next season, and Zach Collins in a headband (fingers crossed).

We try to decide if we would rather watch the best offense in the league or the best defense. Hudson tells a heartwarming story about Wesley Matthews and we tell her about Will Barton fist-bumping a baby. Finally, we don’t get emotional at all over the question, would you rather Damian Lillard win MVP or Coach Stotts win Coach of the Year?

Play along and let us know how you would answer the questions.

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00:45 Would you rather bring back “ninja-style” headbands or short shorts?

3:30 Who is the most likely Trail Blazer to rock one of these headbands if and when the NBA allows them again?

6:30 Report on the Bill Walton bike ride as experienced by Hudson.

9:30 Would you rather . . . be a starter for the worst team in the league or a be a bench-warmer for the Championship team?

11:30 . . . be an NBA scout or an analytics specialist?

12:45 . . . add a 4-point line or remove the 3-point line all together?

15:30 . . . your team have the highest offensive rating in the league or the highest defensive rating?

17:30 . . . allow the fewest 3-point attempts at the highest field goal percentage or allow the most but with the lowest opponent field goal percentage?

19:00 . . . CJ McCollum gets to the line more this season or gets more assists?

20:30 An aside about getting to know Hassan Whiteside.

24:00 Would you rather Zach Collins increase his scoring production by 10 points per game or 5 more rebounds per game?

26:30 . . . Damian Lillard wins MVP or Terry Stotts wins Coach of the Year?

29:30 If you could undo one trade, would it be Will Barton for Arron Afflalo and Alonzo Gee or Nicolas Batum for Gerald Henderson and Noah Vonleh?

33:00 If the Blazers could re-sign one free agent that got away, would you rather it was Wesley Matthews or Ed Davis?

36:30 Would you rather have a redo of the Blazers’ draft in 1984 or 2007?

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Music used in the episode: “Happy Alley” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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