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Stotts: ‘No Question’ Nate Tibbetts Will Be an NBA Head Coach

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune writes about the newly promoted Tibbetts.

New Orleans Pelicans v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Two Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers assistant Nate Tibbetts earned a promotion to associate head coach this summer with the departure of David Vanterpool to Minnesota. Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune talked to Tibbetts about his new role:

“It’s just a title and a little more money,” Tibbetts, about to begin his seventh season as an assistant on Terry Stotts’ coaching staff, said with a smile. “This summer, people back home asked, ‘How will your role change?’ It really hasn’t.

”My job here is, No. 1, to work for the Trail Blazers, and No. 2, I’m here to support Terry. I do a good job. He trusts me. I trust him. It’s good. We love being in Portland. It’s the second-longest place we’ve lived. It’s a good place to call home.”

Head coach Terry Stotts is a clear supporter of Tibbetts, who has hit the head-coaching interview circuit in recent offseasons:

“There’s no question Nate is (going to be) a head coach in the NBA,” Stotts said. “He was a successful coach in the minor leagues. He’s more than ready to be a head coach. He has all the tools, the personality, the knowledge, the respect of the players. It’s all about getting that one break.”

You can read more on Tibbetts’ personal life and coaching journey here.