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WHAT Would You Do With $100 Million? Ft. Ashtyn Butuso

The WHAT podcast does a deep dive on the newest Trail Blazer personalities.

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Ashtyn Butuso, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Flagrant Magazine joins the WHAT podcast. The new magazine will debut this fall and we got a peek at what will be inside and what goes into launching a new venture. Then we have a wide ranging discussion in which we report what we uncovered about the newest Trail Blazers from our exhaustive Twitter and Instagram research. Who has a long-standing love of fish? Who was once involved in a trade for Steve Blake? Does Hassan Whiteside have any tattoos? How is Anthony Tolliver working to make the world a better place?

Along the way, we talk about CJ McCollum’s $100 million extension, Karl Malone hitting Brian Grant in the face, a potential Carmelo Anthony farewell tour and, finally, we open an investigation into whether Hassan Whiteside has any tattoos (drop us your tips:

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1:00 Icebreaker: What is the first thing we would do with $100 million?

4:00 Introducing Ashtyn Butuso (@lil_buts)

5:30 Favorite Blazers memory? When Karl Malone hit Brian Grant on the face and everyone wore band-aids on their face in solidarity.

8:00 Why do we love sports? Sports gives us an outlet to be creative and passionate about something.

9:00 How are we feeling about CJ McCollum’s extension? What does it mean for Anfernee Simons?

13:00 Will this be the year of CJ? Why couldn’t Lillard and McCollum be the new Curry and Thompson?

14:45 About Flagrant Mag. It will be a new publication that encompasses basketball and all the other parts of culture that it touches, like art, music and fashion.

16:45 What has the work going into Flagrant Magazine been like? How do you balance all of the work that goes into being a startup?

19:00 Some of the stories coming out will be about Sydney Wiese of the WNBA, Meredith Minkow of Bleacher Report.

21:30 How do you convince people when print is going away that they would want to buy a magazine? It’s not going to be the same kind of magazine of years past. It will be a piece of art.

24:05 Facts about the newest Blazers.

24:30 Hassan Whiteside is really into fish and many other animals. He has a 1000 gallon fish tank, which is wider than his wingspan. He frequently talks to animals and requests advice from Koi fish.

27:00 Ashtyn is going to start a campaign to get Whiteside to go vegan.

29:00 Nassir Little and Anfernee Simons exchanged tweets as far back as four years ago. Thank god we didn’t have Twitter when we were 14 years old.

31:30 Friendly reminder that Little is actually younger than Simons.

33:00 Pau Gasol has a very curated social media presence. He wanted to get into medicine. He likes to visit hospitals and talk to doctors as well as kids. He’s been an ambassador for UNICEF since 2003 advocating for children’s nutrition.

40:00 Hot take: Gasol may have been the reason Rudy Fernandez didn’t win the dunk contest.

40:45 Mario Hezonja says Carmelo Anthony was the hardest player to guard.

43:00 How are we feeling about a potential Carmelo Anthony farewell tour? We should start thinking about this because in a few years there might be a bunch of really big retirements throughout the league. Ashtyn wants nothing do with a farewell tour unless it is a Trail Blazer who is retiring.

45:30 Anthony Tolliver is very focused on making the world a better place, probably inspired a lot by his mom who was a teacher for over 30 years. He still stays in the same room in the house he grew up in when he goes home to visit. He’s the founder and board member of Lil’ Anglers, a company that promotes fishing for kids.

48:30 Wait, does Hassan Whiteside have any tattoos? Does CJ have any tattoos? Does Tolliver have any tattoos? Can listeners help us with this?

50:00 Kent Bazemore. He had a podcast called Wingin’ it with Vince Carter. Known in Golden State for his bench celebrations. He was traded to the Lakers in the middle of the 2013-14 season where he balled out. It was a terrible team, but there was a short time that both Bazemore and Gasol played together.

56:00 The Baze Gaze

57:30 Outro. Find Flagrant Magazine on Instagram at @flagrantmag and--coming soon--on

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