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Pau Gasol Will Embrace Mentor Role on the Blazers

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Gasol spoke to members of the Portland media on a conference call Monday.

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Newly signed Portland Trail Blazers big man Pau Gasol was part of a conference call on Monday with Portland media to talk about joining the team. With Gasol entering his 19th year and having played on championship teams, the experience he brings to Portland was a main focus of the call. And Gasol is eager to share his experiences with the Blazers’ younger players (via Joe Freeman of the Oregonian):

“I’ll teach them the things that I’ve learned and acquired from years of experience,” he said. “I am excited about it because I think once you get to this stage of your career, it becomes a very fulfilling aspect of the game, to share knowledge, to share experience, to share wisdom and help the younger guys just like the veterans have helped me along the way in my younger years. So I think that’s part of the beauty of life, part of the beauty of sports. It’ll be fun. I love mentoring. I love being a leader in that way. So I look forward to it.”

Gasol will have a chance all season to impart his knowledge on Portland’s bigs like Zach Collins, Hassan Whiteside and Jusuf Nurkic.

The Spanish big man also made sure to note that his fire to compete still burns despite all the years he’s dedicated to the game:

“The love for the game, the competitive spirit,” Gasol said, when asked what, at age 39, drives him. “To see and push myself to newer limits and to continue to be a part of the best league in the world with the best players in the world. I still have a huge passion and fire for what I do and I love working my butt off to continue to do it at the highest level.”

You can read more from Gasol’s conference call here.