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Hassan Whiteside is a Trail Blazer, Now What?

On a special edition of the Blazer’s Edge podcast we react to the additions of Hassan Whiteside, Mario Hezonja and Anthony Tolliver to the Trail Blazers’ roster.

Miami Heat v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s a special bonus edition of the Blazer’s Edge Podcast featuring Team Mom aka Tara Bowen-Biggs, Hoops and Talks co-host Cassidy Gemmet, and Blazer’s Edge writers Nate Mann and Isaiah De Los Santos. They talk about the Trail Blazers big trade for Hassan Whiteside, how he might fit in, what his game is like compared to Jusuf Nurkic, and wonder if locker room chemistry might be tested?

Then they discuss the impact Mario Hezonja and Anthony Tolliver might have on the team. What position does Hezonja play? Why hasn’t Tolliver stayed with any team more than a few seasons over the course of his career? We are excited for all the changes but still trying to figure out exactly what they mean. Join us as we explore the new roster.

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1:00 Get to know Nate Mann

2:00 Icebreaker: What NBA mascot would you fight?

3:00 What happened to no fireworks, Neil?

5:30 What were your first thoughts when you found out Portland was trading for Hassan Whiteside?

8:45 Were the skills that the Blazers were seeking in 2016 the same that they need now?

11:30 Are you concerned about the stories from Miami about Hassan Whiteside? The strength of the locker room might be tested. Some of the guys who left were really important to the chemistry.

14:30 Whiteside is a dunker and a rebounder.

16:00 In what ways is Hassan Whiteside’s game like Nurkic’s game and in what ways is he significantly different? He is big and tall like Nurkic but doesn’t screen as much. He really likes playing close to the hoop and he’s prolific. Nurkic has more passing abilities. Whiteside has averaged less than one pass per game over his career.

21:00 Six-Minute gate

24:30 What do you think Mario Hezonja’s role is going to be next year? What position does he play? What are your thoughts on him as a point forward? He got a triple-double with the Knicks when he was put in as point guard. We are all confused.

28:15 How about Anthony Tolliver? He brings shooting, shooting, shooting. How much will he play? They are so thin at that position he will likely get lots of chances to play. So if he is so good, why hasn’t he stuck with a team?

33:00 In what ways do you think Portland has improved with the moves made over the last few days? Shooting and a backup center were critical additions. Up to this point, the Blazers have done such a good job balancing locker room chemistry. They have also continued to build for the future and the players who are on the rise.

39:00 What do you see are the most significant gaps that Portland still needs to address? Still feels thin at backup point guard. Anfernee Simons is still so raw. What if it doesn’t work out? Who else is a good ball handler who can facilitate? Another backup center who could be there just in case and work with Whiteside.

43:00 Most important thing to concentrate on right now: getting that second Summer League Championship

45:00 When will Kawhi Leonard announce where he is going?

47:00 Find our guests: @nate_mann13 @IsaiahDeLos, @cassidyGemmet, @tcbbiggs

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