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Zach Collins Focused on Fouls

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The third-year big talks with Jamie Hudson of NBC Sports Northwest about staying out of foul trouble this upcoming season.

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Four Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Zach Collins of the Portland Trail Blazers has had a penchant for picking up fouls through his first two seasons in the league, and Jamie Hudson of NBC Sports Northwest recently talked to him about that issue. Collins emphasized that despite being fifth on the team for picking up fouls, he is focused on limiting the number of small, incidental fouls he gets called for during a game.

“The best players in the world, the best refs in the world, the best coaches etc. and I don’t think it was a respect thing,” Collins said. “I think honestly there was a few times where maybe I got a few ticky-tack calls, but that piled on to the fouls that were fouls…, I always say that the fouls at the rim or if I’m going to block a shot I can live with those, I’ll take six of those all day, but it’s just the little ticky-tack ones where I’m being a little lazy or I’m out of position those are the ones I’ve got to correct.”

According to his interview with Hudson, there were times where officials apologized to Collins for miscalls. Despite his frustration with fouls, Collins states that a lack of playing time frustrated him more, and that he needs to develop consistency. Potentially, Collins may be tapped to start in the 2019-20 season.

You can read Hudson’s entire piece here.