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Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin Could Fill Needs for the Blazers

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Dan Favale of Bleacher Report looks at the potential fit of Howard and Lin in Portland.

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The Portland Trail Blazers are expected to bring in at least one more player to put their roster total at 14, with that player reportedly being a center. Portland could pursue up to two additions if they choose. Dan Favale of Bleacher Report proposed two free agents that would make sense in Portland: Dwight Howard and Jeremy Lin.

Howard would add to the team’s center depth, something they seem poised to bolster:

Throwing him minutes as the second or third center off the bench shouldn’t be seen as taboo. He’s still a serviceable rim-runner and rebounder at full strength.

Squads with frontcourt minutes to spare and a very-together locker room can roll the dice without losing too much sleep. The Portland Trail Blazers already scooped up Hassan Whiteside, but they could use another 5 depending on how much they still want to roll out Zach Collins at the 4.

However, Howard isn’t a free agent yet. He must still be waived by the Memphis Grizzlies first (they traded for him with the intention of waiving him, per Shams Charania).

Lin would provide similar depth to the point guard position, even as Anfernee Simons prepares for a larger role:

Lin was good during his time in Atlanta last year. He averaged 19.6 points and 6.5 assists per 36 minutes, converted 46.8 percent of his pull-up two-pointers, finished well around the basket and reached the foul line at a big-time clip. Only 13 non-centers posted a higher free-throw-attempt rate.

Back issues precluded Lin from playing a bit part during the Toronto Raptors’ championship push, and he appeared in just 37 games over the previous two years with the Brooklyn Nets. The Blazers cannot count on him to have Curry’s availability.

That’s fine. They wouldn’t be paying him much, and he’d be necessary playmaking insurance.

You can read more from Favale’s piece here.

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