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What playoff seed will the Blazers have in 2020?

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Where do you think the Blazers will finish next season?

NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Is it October yet? No? Alright, in lieu of actual basketball news we’ll talk about the next best thing — way too early predictions for next season!

Last week I asked on Twitter where readers expect the Blazers to finish in the standings for the 2019-20 season. Here are the results:

The third seed was the most common response with 21 votes, and 66 percent of respondents expect the Blazers to finish somewhere in the 3-5 range. Portland finished with the third seed the last two seasons so these predictions are more or less expecting that the Blazers continue with similar levels of success to the most recent seasons.

Las Vegas is putting the Blazers around 45 wins right now so fans are also more confident in the team than gamblers. That confidence has generally paid off — in the Stotts/Lillard era Portland has finished below its preseason wins over/under in only two of seven seasons.

I’m a little bit less confident. The Jazz, Nuggets, and Rockets are all bringing back 50+ win rosters and have upgraded at least one starter. The Warriors, despite injuries, still have an MVP and DPOY for 82 games. The Clippers are stacked and the Lakers have two of the top seven players in the entire league.

Given Jusuf Nurkic’s injury, it’s going to be tough for the Blazers to hang with those six teams during the regular season. However, the Blazers have shown that they are capable of overachieving and they are generally capable of staying healthy. I’d guess those two bonuses will help them overcome at least a couple teams, so I’ll predict 50-something wins and a five seed for Damian Lillard and co. this season.

What seed do you think the Blazers will finish with? Let us know in the comments!