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Will the Trail Blazers Sign a Backup Point Guard or Another Big Man?

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We wrap up Trail Blazers’ Summer League performance, speculate about the remaining roster spots, and catch up with Harrison Faigen on the Lakers eventful off season.

Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

We wrap up the Trail Blazers’ 2019 Summer League run by reminiscing about Thomas Robinson, talking about the optimism that is fueling Pelicans fans, and discussing whether Anfernee Simons is ready to drive the Blazers second unit. We also get philosophical and talk about younger stars who teams are building around and older vets searching for a spot in the league. Between the boys of summer and the veterans still looking for teams are we witnessing a generational shift in the NBA?

Then we listen to Tara’s interview with Harrison Faigen (@hmfaigen) of Silver Screen and Roll to learn more about the Lakers’ summer and discuss how the Blazers will stack up against them. Finally, we wrap up with some odds and ends, asking how likely will it be to see the Blazers push more in transition, and a short report on what Hassan Whiteside’s assists look like (hint: no bounce passes).

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1:00 This off season will be busy, with Team USA starting up soon followed by the FIBA World Cup.

3:00 Team USA historically overlooked Damian Lillard before and now Lillard and Stephan Curry are the two top point guards, no need to defer to those guys who came before.

5:00 What are the different generations of NBA players and where do the Blazers fit in?

9:00 Summer League wrap up. The basketball was kind of underwhelming this season.

11:00 Pelicans fan base is feeling really good.

12:00 Thomas Robinson update. Tara watched him at Summer League, and Sean Highkin wrote an interesting piece about older guys trying to break (back) into the NBA. Would he be a good fit in Portland? At this point, anyone could probably make a decent run in Portland, but they probably don’t need Robinson at this point.

16:30 Would Shawn Livingston be a good fit?

18:30 Would Joakim Noah be a good fit?

20:00 What will Anfernee Simons’ role be next year. Will he be a play maker or a shooter or both? Dan is ready for Simons to run the second unit. Tara would rather see him continue his development as a shooter and on defense before running the offense.

28:00 Gary Trent Jr. looked like he was working hard on improving. Nassir Little will probably need to improve his offense before he sees the court.

31:00 Golden State Warriors fans at Summer League were surprised the Blazers traded Meyers Leonard.

34:30 Harrison Fagen on the Los Angeles Lakers’ off season. Which changes that the Lakers underwent will be the most impactful?

37:30 Not expecting too much more roster turnover but you never know.

39:00 Rajon Rondo was inevitable as soon as they signed DeMarcus Cousins. They overpaid somewhat for Danny Green but he is the perfect player to be alongside LeBron James.

45:00 Thoughts on conversation/Lakers propaganda. Tara thinks the new look Lakers feel a bit too much like the New Orleans Pelicans who swept the Blazers. A little too close for comfort.

47:00 Will the Blazers be able to take care of the Lakers this season? With Jusuf Nurkic, yes. Without Nurkic, it will be tough, but hoping Rodney Hood will relieve pressure on Lillard.

50:30 Who are the Golden State Warriors anymore?

52:00 Possibility of some fun transition run by the Blazer’s second unit.

56:00 Final note about Hassan Whiteside’s assist numbers.

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