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Wheels Will Not Return for 2019-20 Season

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Brian Wheeler, the long-time radio voice of the Blazers, will not be on the call this fall.

Trail Blazers Harvest Dinner Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Play-by-play announcer Brian Wheeler will not return to the radio for the upcoming Portland Trail Blazers season, Trail Blazers CEO Chris McGowan announced via the team’s website. Wheels, as the radio announcer is known, has struggled in recent seasons with scrotal lymphedema. The ailment initially sidelined Wheeler in 2013. Following surgery in fall of 2018, he only called home games for an extended stretch of time before returning to full duties in February of 2019.

This upcoming season would have been Wheeler’s 22nd season on the call for Blazers radio coverage. In 21 years of service, he called 1,823 games.

“I want to thank the Portland Trail Blazers for the incredible opportunity and honor of calling radio play-by-play for the past 21 years,” said Wheeler. “I was honored and blessed to be a Blazer for 21 seasons, and fortunately I’ve accumulated some precious memories that will last a lifetime.”

We wish Wheels well.