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Highlights From Kent Bazemore’s Introductory Press Conference

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Bazemore talked about his NBA journey, while Neil Olshey focused on the team’s potential summer dealings.

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The Portland Trail Blazers held an introductory press conference for Kent Bazemore on Wednesday after acquiring him from the Atlanta Hawks for Evan Turner. The seven-year veteran talked about his NBA journey and enthusiasm for a role in Portland. But that wasn’t all, as president of basketball operations Neil Olshey gave insight into the Blazers’ strategy as summer dealings get underway. Here are some highlights from the press conference:

Kent Bazemore

  • Bazemore displayed true excitement about joining a team fresh off a Western Conference Finals appearance, calling the opportunity “a breath of fresh air.”
  • On a similar note, Bazemore described his state of mind after the trade: “My zest for life is at an all-time high.”
  • Bazemore, a devout wearer of No. 24, has Anfernee Simons’ back after the rookie gave up the number so Bazemore could wear it: “I’m going to look out for him all season.”
  • It’s like the first time you meet your wife. It just fits your eye.”

Neil Olshey

  • Olshey set expectations for Portland heading into NBA Free Agency: “There are not going to be fireworks on July 1.”
  • The executive said that Portland is in a “difficult position” monetarily and “a lot of our transactions will be by trade.”
  • Olshey also gave the reminder that “roster building is an ongoing process.”

You can watch the full 22-minute press conference here: