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Ink Around the League from Steve Wiebe

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Marc J. Spears of the Undefeated explains how the Canadian tattoo artist has inked a lot of NBA players, including former Blazer Dorrell Wright.

Portland Trail Blazers v Denver Nuggets Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Canadian tattooist Steve Wiebe is making a mark on the NBA, literally: he has tattooed players such as Kevin Durant, DeAndre Jordan, and former Blazer Dorrell Wright. A recent story by Marc J. Spears in the Undefeated outlines how Wiebe, a huge basketball fan, was inspired to pursue tattooing by Allen Iverson, who proudly wore his tattoos while in the league. But it was Wright who introduced Wiebe to NBA players.

Wright first noticed Weibe’s work on his Instagram account in 2014 while playing for the Portland Trail Blazers. After falling love with Wiebe’s style, Wright sent him a direct message on Instagram to contact him for a potential job. Wiebe did Wright’s first tattoos at the end of the 2014-15 NBA season.

“I got a rose on my chest and a King Tut on my thigh that I still need to finish,” Wright told The Undefeated. “He got kidnapped by K.D. and DeAndre this past summer, so I wasn’t able to finish. He just has to finish one more half of the King Tut. I couldn’t take the pain no more the first time. I had to tap out. He is one of those dudes I can wait for. I’m in no rush. You can’t really see it either.

“He’s very talented. When you’re talented and you got a few guys using you, everybody wants to use you.”

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