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NBA Rumors: Horford, Paul, Butler, Ntilikina, Rockets, Thunder, Knicks

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With the draft just a day away, free agency and trade talks are heating up.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Dallas Mavericks Shane Roper-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft is only a day away, and NBA Free Agency is just around the corner, meaning it’s a busy time of year for the rumor mill. Let’s check in around the league about possible signings and trades in the works:

Trading Paul would have positioned the Rockets to be a Clint Capela or Eric Gordon trade away from freeing up the cap space to sign Jimmy Butler, who league sources say they plan to pursue.

With Thursday’s draft night approaching, Ntilikina could still be on the move as the Knicks are extremely open to trading him for another draft pick – either a late first-rounder or second-rounder.

Part of the reason the Knicks are listening is Ntilikina, as the eighth pick in the 2017 draft, will make $5 million next season.

  • Veteran sharpshooter Kyle Korver is likely to play another year (or two) after mulling retirement, according to the New York Times’ Marc Stein.