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Writer Sharon Brown on Supporting Women of Color in Sports Media

Freelance writer and founding editor of All Heart in Hoop City talks about some of her favorite stories she has covered including her latest piece featuring the Trail Blazer’s Amara Baptist.

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Sharon Brown, freelance writer and founding editor of All Heart in Hoop City, joins Tara and Cassidy to talk about her article These Are the Women Creating Some of the NBA’s Most Memorable Social Media Content. We talk about some of her favorite pieces she has written and how and why NBA fans should support black women in the media. Finally we touch on what it is like for a long time Grizzlies fan to watch Marc Gasol playing in the finals and what the outlook is for the Grizzlies is next season.

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1:00 Icebreaker: favorite way to cool down from the heat?

3:00 Get to know Sharon Brown.

5:00 All Heart in Hoop City

6:30 What draws women to each other in sports conversations? Sometimes people don’t respond well to women knowing more than what they think they should know. Women don’t do that to each other.

8:00 Sharon’s article about the women behind the team social media accounts. What were some of the things that she took away from writing that piece?

9:00 Connect in with the women, Paula Hughes of the Clippers, Amara Baptist, Portland Trail Blazers, Angie Treasure, Utah Jazz, Karen Ramming, Golden State Warriors. They all had different stories about how they came to their positions.

11:00 Anything that didn’t make it into the piece that you wanted to share more about? Talking more about how the women are trying to be role models for other kids, especially kids of color to show them that being an athlete is not the only path to working in sports.

12:00 What did you learn about this community of women? That they stick together and really support each other.

15:00 Female reporters really try to be there for each other and share common experiences.

15:30 Other favorite pieces she has written: A mother’s love, an interview she did with Jevon Carter’s mom Cynthia Johnson,

16:00 Wrote about Tosia Shaw, a women who is helping women and girls who had been sex trafficked. Another favorite was Penny Hardaway’s High School Prep Team Wins Again about Penny Hardaway’s post NBA career.

19:00 Why is it so important to her to amplify the work of women of color? And why is that especially important for people who follow the NBA to pay attention?

20:00 Being a black woman gives her a different kind of relationship with the players and their families and a different perspective for telling stories.

21:00 What can fans do to support women in media? Use whatever platform you have to help other people. Retweet them and include what you like about their articles, recommend people and say why. Help others build followings when you will build your own.

23:00 What is in store for the Grizzlies next season? They have a new coach and the number 2 pick. Waiting and seeing on the coach, hoping he gets time to show what kind of a coach he is.

25:30 It will be interesting to see how they balance out the roster with Jaren Jackson Jr and the #2 pick and vets like Mike Conley and Jonas Valencunias.

26:30 What is it like watching Marc Gasol in the finals with the Raptors?

28:30 Lets hope they don’t break any news during the finals. Let those guys play before off season drama starts up.

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