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What if Anthony Davis Joined the Nuggets?

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Preston Ellis of Bleacher Report suggests one of the best young teams in the West could become instant contenders with one move.

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Denver Nuggets Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Davis trade suggestions are dust motes floating through the NBA atmosphere as free agency, 2019 approaches. They’re everywhere. Cleaning them up seems like too much bother, so you watch them settle lazily on shelves and furniture, insubstantial, but clingy.

Preston Ellis of Bleacher Report adds his two cents to the conversation this morning with a trade suggestion he says would “terrify the NBA”, and for good reason. He proposes the Denver Nuggets clear out most of their house to land Davis alongside center Nikola Jokic and guard Jamal Murray to create a young, powerhouse contender.

The Nuggets fell to CJ McCollum (37 points) and the third-seeded Portland Trail Blazers by just four points in Game 7 after having won 54 contests en route to the Western Conference’s No. 2 seed this season...

...The Nuggets will continue to improve, and their existing talent should grow enough to move them past older teams of Portland’s ilk. But should Denver look to accelerate its timetable and thrust itself into the championship conversation next season, Nuggets executive vice president of basketball operations Tim Connelly must trade for Davis.

Ellis cites Davis as an “offensive wrecking ball”, Jokic as a fantastic passer, and salivates over pick-and-roll potential with the twin bigs.

He posits the Nuggets trading Michael Porter Jr., Monte Morris, Malik Beasley, Will Barton, Mason Plumlee and a first-round pick for Davis, Jahlil Okafor, and E’Twaun Moore.

This would make Denver the tallest team in the NBA for sure. Would it catapult them to a title?

(Note also the first recorded instance of the Trail Blazers being called an “older” team. We knew this day was coming...)