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2019 Offseason Options for the Trail Blazers

Mike Richman of NBC Sports Northwest and the Locked on Podcast joins Tara and Dan to discuss various scenarios for the Trail Blazers’ offseason.

NBA: Playoffs-Denver Nuggets at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The off season is underway and we’re waiting to see what the Trail Blazers will do. Will they make a trade to shed one of their larger contracts? Will they slide under the tax line to unlock the full MLE? Will they go all in to trade for a disgruntled super star? Or will they make moves around the edges to shore up their roster leading into next season? Tara and Dan are joined by Mike Richman of NBC Sports Northwest and the Locked On podcast to talk all about what is coming up next for the Trail Blazers.

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1:00 Introducing Mike Richman, who swears he mows his lawn regularly.

4:00 Early introductions to the NBA moments. Thomas Robinson flashbacks.

6:30 How does this past season rank in covering the team? The Blazers made it fun by having huge moments that are fun to write about.

9:30 Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum are going to Team USA Basketball Camp. What does this mean for Trail Blazers fans? Does any recruiting actually go on at training camp and can the Blazers get involved?

15:45 How big of a deal is it for Coach Vanterpool leaving to join the Minnesota Timberwolves? He had a very strong relationship with Lillard and McCollum.

19:30 How will this affect the defensive side of things?

21:00 What does the Allen Crabbe trade from the Brooklyn Nets to the Atlanta Hawks signal? It gives an idea what it might take to move a pretty big contract--at least one first round draft pick. It also signals that the Nets are all in on free agency.

24:30 The Nets are one of the teams that the Trail Blazers typically deal with, does this move by Brooklyn further diminish the Blazer’s options?

26:00 If Blazers don’t want to use their first round pick and package it in a trade, they will have to do something soon and have it all arranged before draft day. They may look for ways to get briefly below the cap, allowing them access to the full Mid Level Exception.

28:30 With the Blazer’s success this season, is the Lillard/McCollum duo here to say?

32:00 Would you take the risk to trade CJ McCollum like the Raptors traded for Kawhi?

35:30 Will there be a surprise re-signing or a surprise of someone walking away?

38:00 How likely is it that Jake Layman will sign an offer sheet from another team?

39:00 What are the Blazers going to do for the center position?

40:00 Rodney Hood is going to be hard to resign because he has skills that many teams like.

42:00 What is the order of operations for things that Blazers are likely to do? To get the full MLE, they will have to be below the cap before the deadline. If they are going to move a draft pick with a player, they will need to do that in time for the draft. The order of operations can signal which direction they are headed.

45:00 Is it too early to talk about what would be a success in the off season?

46:45 A few remarks on the finals, DeMarcus Cousins

50:00 Find Mike Richman on Locked on Blazers, follow him on Twitter @mikegrich.

51:00 Outsiders is on Tuesday and Thursdays for the summer.