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Oregon Senator Ron Wyden Talks Blazers, Support for Kanter

The Trail Blazers’ wild Game 3 called for a special episode of the Blazer’s Edge Podcast. Dave Deckard and Oregon Senator Ron Wyden stop by to talk Portland basketball.

Denver Nuggets v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Three Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Senator Ron Wyden joined us to discuss his love of basketball, what he has learned from playing, and why he is speaking up for Portland Trail Blazer Enes Kanter. But first, we had to react to Friday night’s quadruple-overtime victory. Listen to Dave Deckard, Danny, and Tara talk about the first three games of the Western Conference Semi-Finals and what the Blazers will likely do to finish out strong.

Then Senator Wyden joins Tara for an interview about growing up a basketball fan and going to bat for Enes Kanter. Finally, we look ahead to what the rest of this Western Conference Semi-Finals series might bring.

Download the episode.

Download the Transcript: Ron Wyden, Dave Deckard.pdf


[00:01:12.640] Game 3 recap. How are the players going to recover in time? Which team did Friday’s game benefit more?

[00:04:23.260] - You absolutely had to enjoy that game. That doesn’t mean it was pretty. The Blazers played like an experienced team the Nuggets played like a team that was good maybe even better than the Blazers but hadn’t been there before. Portland knew how to win.

[00:07:05.960] - Danny thinks that whoever won that game won the series because of the mental and emotional fortitude that it took. Imagine how that must feel for those guys to be in that position mentally and then to feel it physically.

[00:10:06.680] - Dave thinks there is a serious danger of the drama of this game outweighing the significance of this game to the series. Meaning, the Blazers only won by three points.

[00:11:12.470] - Tara thinks what sets this team apart from the Blazers from other years is that they are aware that they are not done.

[00:12:18.870] -Who gets the game ball? Danny says Moe Harkless.

[00:15:06.820] - Dave give the game ball to -- Nikola Jokic??

[00:18:22.530] -You couldn’t give it to C.J. McCollum? Or Rodney Hood?

[00:21:30.530] - Tara gives game ball to Kanter.

[00:23:21.490] - If we went back to the day before Jusuf Nurkic broke his leg and told people that the Blazers would be where they are today, would anyone believe it?

[00:29:34.290] - Tara admits she underestimated the Blazers.

[00:33:03.740] - Conversation with Senator Ron Wyden.

[00:33:21.900] - Senator Wyden wanted to be an NBA player. Attended UC Santa Barbara on a basketball scholarship before transferring to Stanford.

[00:34:44.430] - Things he learned playing basketball? More than anything the difference in life is whether you really come into play.

[00:35:46.640] - Wyden holds the House of Representatives free throw shooting record.

[00:37:53.710] - Wyden’s admiration of Enes Kanter, “his work transcends basketball.”

[00:41:46.810] - Highlights from the season: Game 5 shot vs OKC, Kanter playing through injury. And “I always joke that my favorite rendition of’ Hail to the Chief’ is when Aminu hits the three.”

[00:45:24.220] - “I’ve just enjoyed being somebody who could say that our Trail Blazers and Rip City is really the Oregon way.”

[00:46:53.440] - Wrapping up with Dan and Dave. These games are going to be very physical. The game plan is generally working and the execution is good. They might only be tweaked from here on out. Watch how they double and if CJ continues to help out on defense.

[00:52:23.300] - Why were turnovers down in the last game? Lillard and McCollum are holding onto the ball longer which means it is less likely to be in the hands of players more likely to turn it over.

[00:55:53.120] - Blazers have reduced the high variance plays. Like alley-oops.

[00:58:55.840] - Wrap up

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