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Blazers’ Rodney Hood Envisions Hometown Mood After Clutch Shot

The Athletic’s Jason Quick supplied the narrative for Rodney Hood’s heroic finish in the Blazers’ Game 3 win over the Nuggets.

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Denver Nuggets v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Three Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Trail Blazers’ thrilling Game 3 victory featured a much-need boost from reserve wing Rodney Hood in the fourth overtime. The deadlock between the Blazers and Nuggets was finally broken by Hood’s unlikely emergence in the final moments. Rising from the bench to relieve a cramping Moe Harkless, Hood schooled Jamal Murray and added a clutch three-pointer to help secure a crucial Portland win.

After the game, The Athletic’s Jason Quick spoke to Hood about his big moment. For Hood, he reflected on his hometown. In the other corner of the country, Hood imaged the living rooms across Meridian, Mississippi lighting up with excitement over his clutch shooting.

“I envision everybody back there stayed up to watch the game,” Hood said. “And they were probably screaming at the TV, jumping around. That makes me feel good.”

Hood finished with 19 points in 24 minutes off the bench. Through three games in the Western Conference Semifinals, Hood is averaging 17 points per game.

You can read Quick’s full story at The Athletic (subscription required).