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[Podcast] Lamar Hurd talks Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals

Lamar Hurd joined Team Mom to share his observations about what happened in Game 1 and where the Blazers go from here.

Portland Trail Blazers v Denver Nuggets - Game One Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Trail Blazers Television Analyst Lamar Hurd joined Team Mom to give his observations about the Western Conference Semifinals Game 1 and where the Trail Blazers could go from here. Did Denver do something to disrupt CJ McCollum’s early hot shooting? How can Moe Harkless and Al-Farouq Aminu impact a game if they are not scoring? And what could be the key factors that determine the outcome of the series?

All this plus Lamar’s story of watching Damian Lillard’s series-winning shot in the first round.

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00:30 What did Hurd and Kevin Calabro do during Game 1 since it was nationally broadcast?

1:30 Observations about Game 1: lots of unforced turnovers, there were a number of things that the Trail Blazers can control. Jokic is tough to stop so can the Blazers match the Nuggets offensively?

2:45 With their talented center, Denver poses a lot of the same problems as New Orleans did.

4:00 What happened to McCollum’s shooting? Did Denver take something away or play him differently? Blazers were the better backcourt in the OKC series, McCollum will probably heat back up again.

5:30 Why did Aminu and Harkless have such a quiet night? They need to be respected enough to be a threat. They will have to contribute more, but it is not so much about getting a certain number of points, it is about commanding attention and taking pressure off the other players.

7:45 Will the series come down to home-court advantage or are there other factors that could be at play? Experience vs. youth? Health?

9:30 Reaction to Lillard’s Game 5 shot. “Most incredible sports moment I’ve been a part of.”