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Moe Harkless Will Not Earn Three-Point Bonus

A game-winning three against the Lakers was not enough to push the forward over the top for a salary bonus.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Minnesota Timberwolves Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers will carry a $128 million salary cap obligation into the 2019-20 off-season but they won’t have to worry about Moe Harkless earning extra for his three-point shooting. As ESPN’s Bobby Marks pointed out tonight, Harkless was carrying a potential $500,000 bonus for shooting 35% from the three-point arc, a mark he’ll not achieve.

The details:

Despite hitting a game winning three to beat the Lakers, Maurice Harkless will fall short of his $500K bonus for shooting 35% or better from 3. The Trail Blazers will see their luxury tax bill drop from $16M to $15.1M. The $500K bonus is now deemed unlikely for 2019-20 and the Trail Blazers forward will now have a $11M cap hit.

Harkless has hit 33 three-pointers this season, including a game-winner against the Los Angeles Lakers, but against his 120 attempts, that’s good for only a 27.5% average.

Harkless’ teammate Jusuf Nurkic earned a $1.25 million bonus when the Blazers won their 50th game of the season last week.