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Drexler on Potential Blazers-Rockets Matchup, ‘Wouldn’t that be a blast?’

Portland Tribune’s Kerry Eggers spoke with Clyde Drexler about the Trail Blazers’ postseason momentum.

BIG3 - Week One Photo by Ronald Martinez/BIG3/Getty Images

The Trail Blazers and Rockets are both headed to the second round of the NBA Playoffs on the heels of stellar 4-1 results to open the postseason. Legendary player Clyde Drexler, who has close ties to both franchises, took a moment to speak with Portland Tribune’s Kerry Eggers about the success both squads are enjoying.

In regards to the Blazers, Drexler pointed to Portland’s stellar backcourt and underrated forwards.

“The Blazers have played really well, and they’re gaining some steam,” Drexler says. “Despite the injury to (Jusuf) Nurkic, they’ve continued to play like a contender. (Coach) Terry Stotts has done a phenomenal job. (Al-Farouq) Aminu and (Moe) Harkless are underrated. They play hard, and they play great defense every night. And (Damian) Lillard and (CJ) McCollum, of course, have been incredible.”

When asked about a potential matchup between the Blazers and Rockets in the Western Conference Finals, Drexler replied:

“Wouldn’t that be a blast?”

The Blazers will face the winner of the Nuggets-Spurs series in the next round. After Friday’s victory over the Clippers, the Warriors will now host the Rockets.

Along with Drexler’s interview, Eggers spoke with Blazers radio broadcaster Brian Wheeler about his memorable interaction with Stevie Wonder. You can read the full article at the Portland Tribune.