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Trail Blazers T-Shirts Getting Creative Following Playoffs Win

New Damian Lillard ideas are coming out by the day.

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With Damian Lillard’s buzzer-beater fresh in everyone’s mind, the Portland Trail Blazers are now the hottest story in the NBA. Cruising through the NBA Playoffs in style makes people pay attention and whets the appetite for...t-shirts.

If you’re thinking of getting a Blazers t-shirt, the network works with a particular company whose designers often ask our opinion on Trail Blazers shirts. They’ve been selling in the Moda Center recently as the Trail Blazers themselves have been pushing them. We don’t market them as much as we probably should, but hey...these lofty times seem good for experimentation.

If you think these shirts are cool and you buy one through the links here, Blazer’s Edge receives part of the proceeds. If you’re going to do it anyway, why not do it through us?


For all you Rodney Hood fans, here’s a new shirt celebrating your favorite playoffs contributor!

Here’s the brand new “Dame Face” shirt, released just today (Friday), also available as a hoodie:

Here’s Damn Dame...Lillard waving goodbye to the Thunder after The Other Shot.

Purchase through this link!

And here are some classics. CJ McCollum’s famous phrase:

Purchase I’m Trying Jennifer through this link.

And Logo Lillard himself:

Purchase Logo Lillard through this link.