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Billboard Design for Injured Portland Trail Blazer Jusuf Nurkic Revealed

The successful crowdfunding campaign will result in a billboard for the Bosnian Beast near the Moda Center.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Toronto Raptors Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The design of the crowdfunded billboard for injured Portland Trail Blazer Jusuf Nurkic has been revealed. Reddit user Ishouldtrythat posted the design, which will go up on April 8th somewhere near the Moda Center, and explained the considerations in designing it.

The challenge now was to design one billboard that captured the love that fans had for Nurk. The massive number of fans leaving enthusiastic and loving messages made that very clear. We decided on a simple message: “We love you Jusuf Nurkić.” Then we drew inspiration from Mark Mason’s native-language introductions and decided to add “Volimo Te,” which is Bosian for “We love you.”

The hashtag at the bottom of the billboard was an idea that came from /u/strme with the following explanation: “It’s a play on his hashtag #hadžo that he uses all the time on Instagram, which means “my Hajji,” which in Bosnian slang loosely translates to being a boss. But “hadžo naš” means “our Hajji” or “our boss.”

Nurk Billboard
The design of the crowdfunded billboard for Jusuf Nurkic.
reddit user u/Ishouldtrythat

The billboard is scheduled to remain in place for six weeks. The crowdfunding campaign reached its $8000 goal in a day and a half’s time. Any extra money not used on the billboard will go to the Blazer Boys and Girls Club. You can read more about the billboard campaign in Lizzy Acker’s piece for the Oregonian here.