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Damian Lillard: Better than Celtics’ Kyrie Irving, Says Bill Simmons

This week on the Bill Simmons podcast, he mentions Blazer’s Edge and gets into why Dame outperforms Kyrie.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Boston Celtics David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Damian Lillard is better than the Boston CelticsKyrie Irving, asserts Bill Simmons of the Ringer on his podcast this week, in a bit that Simmons declared could be a post on Blazer’s Edge. Simmons told sports journalist Ryen Russilo that in the game against Boston, Lillard outperformed Irving.

I didn’t think he was better--I thought he was more talented, and I think watching that for four quarters and seeing how Lillard runs the team and always has a balance of when am I getting mine versus when do I kind of have to get other people involved. It just felt like he had complete command of the game for four quarters. You can’t say that about Kyrie.

Simmons goes on to say that he voted for Damian Lillard for second team, All-NBA. In the pod, they explore how Lillard took advantage of the Celtics. While Blazer’s Edge appreciates the Simmons love, it should be noted that Russilo called out Blazers Outsiders (featuring Blazer’s Edge’s own Dan Marang) for their “passion” in covering the Blazers.

You can listen to the pod here. Blazers content is at approximately the 32 minute mark.