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The Revival of Moe Harkless, Road Trip Wins & Rodney Hood Takeovers

Danny and Tara discuss another exciting week in Blazers basketball on the Blazer’s Edge Podcast.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Toronto Raptors Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, Tara Bowen-Biggs and Danny Marang take a look at the Blazers going 5-1 on the 7 game road trip, taking care of business against the teams you should and coming up just short in Toronto to Kawhi Leonard, Blazers trying new lineups, playing a new style at times, Portland not relying on Damian Lillard to go for 30 a night, Jake Layman’s heel turn, the revival of Moe Harkless, Rodney’s breakout performance in Charlotte and more!


  • Intro
  • Opening Comments
  • 2:00 Thoughts on road trip so far
  • 3:10 Rodney Hood and self care
  • 5:10 Tara’s favorite part of the Hornets game
  • 5:50 Lillard not forcing the takeover of the game
  • 7:20 Portland ball movement and ranking 24th in assists
  • 9:00 Actively looking to get guys involved
  • 11:00 Trying things that they might see in the playoffs
  • 11:50 Dame & CJ not having to be THE guys every night
  • 14:40 CJ doing more than impacting the points column
  • 16:00 Looking at the bigs vs Toronto
  • 17:30 Blazers playing with Kanter and Collins
  • 19:00 Balancing minutes for development vs going after it now
  • 20:30 Different lineups and celebrating the Blazers bench… weird
  • 21:40 The revival of Moe Harkless
  • 25:00 Tara believes it was positive reinforcement for Moe that made the difference
  • 25:20 Moe can’t ever take off the headband
  • 28:20 Tendency breakers
  • 28:30 Meyers Leonard the Big Ice Cream Scooper
  • 31:00 Blazers and defensive changes
  • 32:00 Aminu’s adventures in dribbling
  • 35:00 Chasing Westbrook, PG & the Thunder
  • 38:00 Kanter and trolling Westbrook/Adams
  • 41:00 Portland’s desire to go in on offense and let the chips fall
  • 43:00 The sweep by NOP really bothered a lot of guys- can it be a motivation
  • 46:30 Dan, the eternal optimist
  • 49:00 Portland cannot drop the game to the Thunder
  • 51:30 Wanting Jake Layman to be a heel
  • 53:15 Update on the ‘Intensive Purposes’ commercial
  • Closing Comments
  • Outro