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Blazers’ Jake Layman Focused on ‘Powering Through’ Cold Streak

Trail Blazers forward Jake Layman spoke with The Oregonian’s Joe Freeman about his bounce-back game against the Mavericks.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Toronto Raptors Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Trail Blazers’ 126-118 victory over the Mavericks on Wednesday was important for their position in the Western Conference and crucial for Jake Layman’s confidence. After converting just a single three-point shot through eight games, the former Maryland standout found his rhythm in the second half of Portland’s win over Dallas. Layman ended the night with 13 points thanks to a 3-6 performance from beyond arc.

After the game, The Oregonian’s Joe Freeman spoke with Layman about his bounce-back game. Layman explained that Wednesday’s outcome was the result of repetition and confidence.

“I felt like I was shooting the same way and taking the same shots, the ball just wasn’t going in,” Layman said. “I just had to keep shooting, keep powering through it. You absolutely have to get up more shots than you normally do, just to kind of get that flow back, that rhythm back. I’m definitely feeling much better with my shot right now.”

Layman also explained that the support of his teammates was crucial for his confidence over that stretch. On cue, Lillard shared his support with Freeman.

“The good thing about Jake is he just kept shooting, he stayed aggressive,” Lillard said. “He didn’t get passive and start passing up shots. Eventually they fall and then you’re right back on rhythm. The most important thing is just to keep believing, keep shooting, and the team (has to) keep showing the faith in him to keep making those plays and give him the ball.”

Layman goes on to explain to Freeman that opposing teams have started to play him differently, which has removed uncontested alley-oop dunks from the menu in most matchups. You can read the full story by visiting Oregon Live.