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[Podcast] Tour of NBA Arenas with Amara Baptist

Amara Baptist, the woman behind Trail Blazers social media, joins the Women’s Hoops And Talks (W.H.A.T.) podcast to talk about being on the road.

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Three Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

On the latest WHAT podcast, Tara and Cassidy talk to Blazers Digital Content Manager Amara Baptist to find out more about life on the road. Pizza rolls. Fro-yo. Ugly photo vests. Bench reactions. Take a tour of the NBA Arenas with someone who has seen them all!

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00:55 Icebreaker: what is your go-to game snack? Tip: Ice cream sandwiches on the 300 level at the Moda center are the best!

3:38 How is the first season with the Trail Blazers going?

5:25 What was the seven-game road trip like? Really (really!) long. Good bonding experience.

7:30 What are other NBA Arenas like? Are they all pretty much the same or do they have their own personalities?

8:31 Looks forward to going to Scotiabank Arena in Toronto and Staples Center. Detroit’s new arena is beautiful. She really judges an area on the quality of their wifi.

11:00 Which arenas have the best amenities? Amara stays very on-brand with praise for Little Caesars Arena, Barclays Center, Staple Center has a frozen yogurt/soft serve station at halftime.

14:30 Are there any places that are tough to play in? Philadelphia was really tough on their own team.

16:00 Where does media and team personnel sit? Best used to be Oklahoma City but they have moved media farther from the scorers table. Milwaukee seating is really far away

21:00 Close games are the most stressful.

22:24 Favorite things to watch for posting on social media? Bench reactions.

23:34 What is the etiquette about saying “hi” to someone who is working at a game?

26:35 Coffee talk: This week’s recommendation is Cinder Cone from Never Coffee Lab.

28:00 Check out Amara on social: @AmaraBaptist and @trailblazers plus check out her podcast, Social On the Sidelines.

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Music used in the episode: “Happy Alley” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License