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Video: Blazers’ Post-Game Reactions to CJ McCollum’s Injury

Damian Lillard, Coach Terry Stotts, and CJ McCollum discuss the potential knee injury.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Portland Trail Blazers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Trail Blazers lost to the San Antonio Spurs 108-103, and a potential knee injury to shooting guard CJ McCollum contributed to the loss. Damian Lillard, Coach Terry Stotts, and CJ McCollum all spoke to the media following the game.

Here is the video from Damian Lillard’s post-game interview.

  • Lillard spoke at length about how concerned he is for his friend and teammate, noting that McCollum plays a large role on the Blazers. He stated that it was a “big blow” for the team to lose McCollum, but Lillard’s main concern is for McCollum’s well-being.
  • Lillard said he hopes that McCollum will be all right, and that he knew McCollum was injured when he failed to get up after falling, stating that normally, McCollum would try to “walk it off.”
  • Lillard mentioned that the depth of the Blazers is a blessing, but that it is sometimes difficult for other guys to slide into a different roll. While other players can come in and make up for McCollum on offense, it also means that some shifts will have to be made.

Here is the video from Coach Terry Stotts’ post-game interview.

  • Stotts noted that the xrays on CJ McCollum were negative, and that there would be an MRI on Sunday to see how it is.
  • Coach Stotts explained that any time a player goes down due to injury, it’s worrisome, but that it is important to wait and see what the tests show.
  • Stotts stated that the team will wait for the results of the tests before they make any adjustments.

Here is the video from CJ McCollum’s post-game interview.

  • McCollum describes the injury: he went in for a layup, it was blocked, Poetl landed on his foot, and he felt his knee twist.
  • McCollum confirmed the xrays came back negative and he has an MRI scheduled for Sunday. He can walk and is uncomfortable, but he is unsure of what the injury is.
  • McCollum stated that he has broken his foot before, so he knows it is not a foot injury. Asked if there was a pop, he replied there wasn’t.

Like his teammates and coach, Rip City is hoping for the best for CJ McCollum.