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Recap: Kawhi Leonard Lifts Raptors Over Blazers, 119-117

Leonard’s shot in the final seconds decided a rollicking contest between two contenders.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Toronto Raptors Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

In a rocking arena in Toronto, the Blazers and Raptors played a wild game that went down to the final seconds. But in the end, Portland came up short 119-117 (Box score), falling to 4-1 on their ongoing 7-game road trip. Here were a few key details from the game.

  • A terrible night for fouls. Jusuf Nurkic “enjoyed” a courtside seat, as he was in foul trouble from nearly the opening tip. Every time he came into the game, he was rung up withing minutes. While the fouls were reasonable, it left Blazer fans frustrated, as the Raptors had fewer fouls all night. But it wasn’t just Portland fans who were growling; in the final seconds, the Blazers tied it when Kyle Lowry sailed over Damian Lillard, but Lillard was awarded three free-throws anyway.
  • McCollum for three! CJ had it going on all night. He was 7-10 before missing a big three-pointer late in the fourth with the game on the line, but he was one of the reasons they were there to begin with.
  • Kawhi for the win. With the game on the line, Toronto went to Leonard, and he came through. His sideline jumper bounced around the rim, wasting valuable seconds, before falling through and giving Portland no time for a good shot.

What’s Next

The Blazers’ road trip continues Sunday morning with another 10:00 am PT game, this time in Charlotte against the Hornets.