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Ed Davis Makes Brooklyn Nets Gritty

The former Trail Blazers forward continues to impress teammates.

NBA: New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Plenty of NBA players changed teams last week, but Ed Davis of the Brooklyn Nets was not among them. The former Trail Blazers forward continues to impress his new franchise, especially with prodigious rebounding. Bryan Kalbrosky chronicled the phenomenon for HoopsHype, reminding everyone how good (and oft-underrated) Davis is.

Kalbrosky starts by quoting Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson on Davis’ value:

“It’s the rebounding. It’s his toughness,” said Atkinson. “It’s his presence around the team. He coaches those young guys. He was a fantastic addition.”

After All-Star D’Angelo Russell calls Davis a “rebounding sensation”, Atkinson doubles down on the praise.

“It’s funny how personnel changes your philosophy,” Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson told HoopsHype. “We’ve become this really good offensive rebounding team. I wish I had a PowerPoint presentation for you to show how much he has meant to us. He influences everybody else to go after that thing and get us extra possessions.”

The article also quotes Davis talking about big-man play in a small-ball league, plus accolades from Spencer Dinwiddie, video, and stats. If you miss Davis at all, this one is definitely for you.