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Portland Trail Blazers Fans Help Kids in Need

Blazer’s Edge is sending 2000 young folks to a game against the Brooklyn Nets. Come help!

Time is running out to donate tickets for Blazer’s Edge Night 2019. We need you to help send 2000+ kids in need and their chaperones to watch the Portland Trail Blazers play the Brooklyn Nets on March 25th. Though the game itself is seven weeks away, we have to close ticket donations in the last week of February. At this point, we haven’t gotten enough donations to exceed the people who have already asked if their students can go, let alone enough to cover all the last-minute requests. That’s not entirely unusual; most donations come in as the clock ticks down. That clock is ticking now, though. Please help. You can see how at the end of this post.

Sometimes it’s hard to get a sense of the enormity of Blazer’s Edge Night just from reading. Today we’re going to talk about John, for whom BE Night, 2018 was an enormous event!

John teaches at a Portland K-8 school. That’s a wide grade range and they serve a ton of kids, few of whom could make it to a Blazers game. Last year we granted John’s wish to become Blazer Claus, providing tickets for kids in need around him. As usual, John’s students wrote to thank all of you who donated.

Here’s an exceptionally-well-decorated thank you card. You can tell the author/illustrator put a lot of effort into it.

Look, it’s from Kamiah! Kamiah is a writer of few words, probably because it took at least an hour to do that bomb diggity cover!

Well done, Kamiah! And thank you! We’re all glad you were able to see the Blazers. Your card reminds us that every ticket we donate is attached to a person who has a fun time going! Each card is a connection to an infinitely precious life. We’re glad we could be a part of yours!

And, of course, the lives of your classmates...

And their classmates...

And THEIR classmates...

...with their special homemade greeting card, plus 40 or so handwritten and typed letters.

See all that? That was half the thank you cards we got from them. My hallway only stretches so far.

To put touching 2000 lives in one night into perspective, everything you see here came from a single group. We already have 26 groups signed up to go this year.

Tickets start at $10. If you have friends, or office mates, or family, collect up a pool and see how many you can buy. Let’s send them together.

Here’s how. And thanks!