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Your...Oregon Trail Blazers?

A state representative introduced legislation today urging the Portland Trail Blazers to change the team name to the “Oregon Trail Blazers.” 

Moda Center

The Portland Trail Blazers have been put under advisement to change their name to the Oregon Trail Blazers. According to to Gordon Friedman of the Oregonian, the suggested change comes about due to a proposed piece of legislation, House Concurrent Resolution 15.

House CR 15 is presented by Representative E. Werner Reschke, who represents District 56 in the Oregon House, including Klamath Falls and Lake County. While the resolution states that “Blazermania affects Oregonians from all walks of life and from every area of the state, regardless of the city they call home,” it remains to be seen how this proposed name change fits in with the concept of Rip City, which is undoubtedly a statewide phenomenon. The entire text of CR 15 can be read here.