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Reviewing Hood Trade & Looking for More

Danny and Tara break it all down on this week’s edition of the Blazer’s Edge Podcast.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

On this episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, Tara Bowen-Biggs and Danny Marang go through the ins-and-outs of the Rodney Hood trade, look to future - are the Blazers done? What could Portland do between now and the deadline, what they hope Portland will do and what will most likely happen as they read the tea leaves. Beyond that they discuss why Nikola Mirotic is not the answer for the next move, Damian Lillard landing as a surefire all-star, Blazer’s struggles in all-star events not named the Skills Contest, Puppy Bowl > Kitten Bowl and more!


  • 1:00 Danny wanted to talk about Titanic but the Blazers made a trade!
  • 1:20 Nik Stauskas and Wade Baldwin for Rodney Hood.
  • 2:15 Is Hood a shooting guard or a small forward?
  • 3:15 Nik saying goodbye was sad.
  • 3:40 Dan is a jerk to everyone who lives in Cleveland.
  • 4:30 Get to know Rodney Hood
  • 5:41 Drafted by Utah 3.5 seasons. Injured as a rookie.
  • 7:01 Difference between his Utah stint and his Cleveland stint.
  • 7:40 He will probably play the 3 and hopefully do everything Harkless is supposed to do.
  • 8:30 Hood fits the profile of players Neil Olshey likes.
  • 12:20 Are they done? Will they be moving on from Harkless or Jake?
  • 13:56 Making a deal with Sacramento
  • 16:30 Portland doesn’t like paying the luxury tax
  • 19:02 Will Hood start?
  • 20:08 This move elevates the Blazers to the top 4 teams in the west ,solidly.
  • 21:29 Hood is not a siloed player, he can cut and shoot and handle the ball.
  • 23:07 Will Mirotic be the next move?
  • 25:33 Seems unlikely that they would make a move that would displace two starters
  • 28:33 Taurean Prince?
  • 30:52 All in all a good deal.
  • 33:10 It seems like Hood believes he is coming to play, so either Harkless or Layman is probably on the way out.
  • 33:55 Dan thinks Harkless looks pouty.
  • 35:29 Playoff experience. how important was it for them to get someone with playoff experience?
  • 37:32 Hood has somewhat checkered playoff experience
  • 39:36 Denver doesn’t have much playoff experience. Its not like they just didn’t make it, they blew it, two years in a row.
  • 42:58 Damian Lillard an All Star reserve
  • 44:09 San Antonio now has a new crop of Vampires.
  • 47:37 Who will pick Damian to be on his All Star Team first?
  • 48:56 Brook Lopez has remade himself.
  • 53:08 No puppy bowl spoilers!