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[Podcast] WHAT we are watching for down the stretch of the regular season

Tara and Cassidy get to know one of the newest Blazer’s Edge writers, L. Hostetler, and talk about what to watch for with the Trail Blazers as the regular season winds down.

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On the latest Women’s Hoops And Talks (W.H.A.T.) podcast Tara and Cassidy get to know one of the newest Blazer’s Edge writers, Lindsay Hostetler. She talks about what it was like growing up a Seattle Sonics fan in a small Washington town, how she became a fan of the Blazers and what she likes about writing about the team.

Then we all chime in about what we will be watching for from the Trail Blazers as they close out the regular season. How will the ball move? Will they play some, a lot, or just enough defense? Will Damain Lillard get some rest? Finally, we speculate about some of the front runners in the Western Conference. Will Denver suffer in the playoffs due to lack of playoff experience? What could we learn about Damian Lillard by watching Chris Paul, and is this (really) it for the San Antonio Spurs?

All this plus self-care strategies, in-arena disasters, headband talk and more on the latest W.H.A.T. podcast.

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1:45 How do you cope when a game isn’t going well?

3:45 How Lindsay became a Trail Blazer fan after growing up a SuperSonics fan.

5:30 How it felt when the Sonics moved.

6:45 Moving on from the Sonics when Brandon Roy came to Portland. Showed what Rip City was all about.

9:15 Growing up in a small community that had a really good girls team that the whole team rallied around.

11:30 How has writing and talking about the team changed or enhanced how we watch the game.

16:00 Favorite Blazers memories in the Moda--Z-Bo falling on spectators, National Anthem awkwardness, floating car disaster.

20:45 What we are going to be watching for the remainder of the season?

21:00 Team work that allows Damian Lillard to get some rest.

22:30 Ball handler rotation and ball movement.

26:00 What about defense? Do we watch for defense or are we just glad when we see it? Can Kanter shed his reputation as a poor defender with better defensive coaching and schemes?

29:45 Championship level pointing helps on defense, and will there be new sets for Kanter as he works his way into the lineup?

31:30 What we’re watching for around the league: will Utah Jazz end up meeting preseason expectations? OKC is just fun to watch. How will Denver do in the playoffs? How about Houston?

36:30 Is San Antonio done? Yet? Finally?

39:55 Coffee Talk!

42:10 Outro

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