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Reacting to NBA Trades and the Trail Blazers’ Newest Players

Cassidy and Tara and other SB Nation contributors talk Enes Kanter, Rodney Hood and get reactions from New York and Dallas about the big Porzingis trade.

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The WHAT podcast, covering the Portland Trail Blazers and the NBA, is brimming with talk about NBA Trade Deadline 2019 fallout. This week Tara and Cassidy called Diana Allen from to learn more about Rodney Hood’s tenure with the Utah Jazz. Then they talked to China Parmalee from Knick’s Blog and Rebecca Lawson from to get both sides of the big Kristaps Porzingis trade that went down last week. (Note, we talked to China before the Enes Kanter trade so we didn’t get to ask her about him. )

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0:45 Enes Kanter to Portland. How might this affect playing time in the front court?

4:20 Kanter brings experience, and a double double average.

7:30 With the addition of Kanter, Blazers social media game just got even stronger.

8:30 Talking with Diana Allen who covers the Utah Jazz.

10:20 First started watching the Jazz with her father in the John Stockton and Karl Malone era.

13:40 She was a big fan of Hood, thought he would be the new star after Gordon Hayward left. Loved him as soon as he was drafted.

14:40 Hood was traded to make way for Donovan Mitchell. He had some really big games including a game winner against Dallas. Stepped up big in a game against the Clippers in the playoffs.

17:40 Although the Jazz advertised Hood as the next star, Donovan Mitchell was ready much sooner than anticipated.

21:00 Hood is a good system player and grew to be more consistent. Good system defender, not as great at one on one.

21:30 Hood loved Joe Johnson growing up and the two got to play together in Utah.

23:45 Blazers will be a good fit for Hood. He can get nervous sometimes, so not having to be the main player is going to be good for him.

27:40 Talking to China Parmalee, of Posting and Toasting about the Kristaps Porzingis trade.

28:15 Everyone was shocked in New York, but if you look at things in the light of day there were plenty of signs.

31:15 As details of the trade came out, people became more positive, especially when they learned there were two first round picks.

32:00 Wesley Matthews’ two-game tenure with the Knicks.

32:30 What is the future for the Knicks? Maybe keep Smith Jr., DeAndre Jordan seems happy and a good locker room presence, at least for what they need right now. He could be a good mentor for Mitchell Robinson.

35:15 It was more heartbreaking when Jeremy Lin left. Porzingis didn’t make a lot of friends on his way out.

36:20 Even though they are losing these young guys are fun to watch. The Knicks have finally learned how to tank in a year that taking doesn’t work anymore.

37:45 If Kevin Durant doesn’t come to the Knicks, how will the trade of Porzingis be remembered? Would Kevin Durant or any of the free agents be good fits in New York?

43:00 We talk to Rebecca Lawson of Mavs Moneyball about the other side of the trade: Porzingis to Dallas.

41:45 How did the trade play out? Dallas is tight lipped about things. As a team that doesn’t attract a lot of free agents, they are good at these types of trades.

43:45 How will Porzingis’s rehab work?

44:05 What about the rest of the players who came in the trade? Will they be sticking around? Tim Hardaway Jr. has a big contract so he will probably get a chance to play.

45:15 How has the fan base reacted to the trade? Happy but it is all theory now.

46:45 Mavericks are doing for Luka Doncic what the Pelicans never did for Anthony Davis.

47:10 Dirk Nowitzki’s farewell tour?

51:00 Final word from Rebecca, Dallas is a team that is not afraid to take risks

53:30 Coffee Talk: a choice for bouncy Jake Layman, Ethiopian Bombe Washed, a hoppy blend by Dapper and Wise.

55:05 Don’t forget to buy tickets for Blazers Edge night.

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