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Donate Trail Blazers Tickets So Kids in Need Can See a Game

Blazer’s Edge is trying to send 2000 children and youth to see the Blazers play the Nets in March. Can you help?

Portland Trail Blazers v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We are now less than two weeks away from the deadline for donating tickets to Blazer’s Edge Night, 2019...the annual event where readers of this site send 2000+ kids in need to see the Portland Trail Blazers play.

Let’s get down to brass tacks here. We already have requests for 1480 tickets. That’s not counting the rush in the last month where people who have heard about the event ask if we still have room. Even at 2000 tickets, we’re likely going to be turning people away. The demand is just that big.

We don’t yet have enough donated tickets to cover the requests we already have. That’s not incredibly unusual. Most folks give at the last minute. I want to assure you, 100%, that the last minute is upon us now.

Over the last couple weeks we’ve shared how much this means to the kids and chaperones teachers and coaches and counselors hold this out as a moment when their charges get to experience youth/childhood the way they were meant to be experienced, instead of the fast-track growing up that the world forces upon them. You already know that the majority of these kids are seeing their first—and maybe only—Blazers game in person. You also know that we have no big corporate sponsors. We rely on people like you to make the difference.

This is the 12th season we’ve done this. At a certain point familiarity settles in for all of us. It hasn’t settled in for the kids and invested adults hoping they’ll be able to go this year.

I’m not asking for anyone to push us over the top. We need you to get within shouting distance. Can you please donate a ticket or two today? They start at $10, and it’s as easy as ordering for yourself. Just use the link and promo code right here and your tickets are automatically donated.

It’s time, my friends. Let’s do this.