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Carmelo Anthony: “There’s No Better Feelin’ Than When You Feel Wanted”

In an interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, Carmelo Anthony reveals that he was ready to walk away—until the Trail Blazers called.

Chicago Bulls v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony has made a noticeable splash for the Portland Trail Blazers after a year away from the league, and ESPN staff writer Nick Friedell reveals that in an interview with Rachel Nichols, Anthony said he was ready to walk away from the league until Portland made an offer. Anthony described his circumstances in Portland as “the best situation for me,” and perhaps because of his sabbatical, he’s making an impact.

“I feel good,” he said. “Just because I’m 35 years old, and I’m supposed to be, you know, the book says you’re supposed to be about to retire around this time? Like -- like, no, I’ve always been against all odds ... I just had a year off ... I had a year off restin’ my body.

”The most important part about that is I rested my mind, right. I got my mind right. And I don’t think people understand how strong that is. When you’re able to get your mind right, everything else flows.”

You can read more of Anthony’s interview with Nichols at ESPN.