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Trail Blazers Christmas Gifts: Health for Jusuf Nurkic

Blazer’s Edge runs down the 12 Days of Christmas in the form of gifts for our favorite team.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Christmas, Portland Trail Blazers fans! Today Blazer’s Edge is celebrating the holiday in the form of the worst Christmas Song ever written. The staff has compiled a list of gifts suitable for the team, and we’re running them down in 12 posts...with not a partridge or a leaping lord anywhere to be seen. We hope you enjoy the holiday and help us reflect on good wishes for the Blazers!

On the first day of Christmas, true fans give to the team...

Jusuf Nurkic healthy!

We said this would be the #1 issue for the Blazers this year way back in pre-season. It’s turned out to be worse than we ever imagined. Hassan Whiteside is playing as the best version of himself possible, but it’s still not enough. Chemistry is fractured. Rotations are butchered. The Blazers need an infusion of spirit.

In the midst of this, like the Ghost of Christmas Past, comes the memory of 2018-19 Nurkic playing out of his mind, filling every gap, and turning Portland from a good team to a great one. Oh, how the Blazers need that today. If the basketball,gods have even a little charity in their Scrooge-like hearts, may Nurk return as soon as practical and the Blazers start playing like they used to around him!