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ESPN’s Jefferson Thinks Carmelo Anthony Wants to Play ‘Past This Year’

Retired forward Richard Jefferson discussed the future aspirations of Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony on ESPN’s Get Up.

Cleveland Cavaliers v New York Knicks Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony is only two games into tenure with the Trail Blazers, but that hasn’t prevented analysts from evaluating and predicting his future in the NBA. Following the Blazers loss to the Bucks on Thursday, ESPN’s Get Up featured a segment with Richard Jefferson that focused on Portland’s 35-year-old forward.

Jefferson, a player that transformed his own game to prolong his career, hinted at the idea that Melo is looking at playing beyond this season. In response to a question about Melo’s willingness to accept a reduced role, Jefferson explained that his position in Portland could serve as an audition for future suitors.

“This is his [Anthony] opportunity. I think he wants to play basketball past this year. If he wants to play basketball past this year, he needs to prove that even on a team not in the postseason he can accept a role. Look at what’s going on with Dwight Howard and the Lakers. Dwight Howard was searching for a job, all of a sudden the Lakers pick him up, and he’s been a model citizen and a large reason why they are one of the No. 1 defensive teams in the NBA when you look at different statistics.”

Through two outings, Melo is shooting 34.5 percent from the field and averaging 14 points per game. The Blazers return to action tonight against the Cavaliers.