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How Can Carmelo Anthony Help the Trail Blazers?

Nitz of The Daily Ding joins the Hoops And Talks podcast to discuss the Blazers’ early struggles and Carmelo Anthony’s arrival.

Seen Around Lincoln Center - Day 1 - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015 Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Tara and Cassidy are joined by Nitz Bluv from The Daily Ding podcast to discuss the Portland Trail Blazers’ rocky start, how adding Carmelo Anthony to the team can help them out, and what other moves we would try if we were the GM.

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00:30 Icebreaker: “What’s your ideal time to stay at an event before you leave early without telling anyone?” Thanks for the question EvanSowards!

4:00 Busy week! Who is off to a worse start, the Golden State Warriors or the Trail Blazers?

5:45 How Carmelo chose 00.

8:30 On Carmelo Anthony not wearing number 7 and should anyone wear number 7 again?

11:30 How much should we let nostalgia keep us from moving forward?

13:45 Should the Thunder retire Kevin Durant’s number?

16:15 When Cassidy heard the Blazers had signed Anthony she was initially mad, she has never been a fan of his, but she’s warming to the idea. Generally we’re glad he’s back in the league but mixed on how we feel about Portland being the team that he came to. He’s not going to fix the defensive issues.

20:15 Now that we have seen him, how did it work? He doesn’t fit in that well but it was good to see him playing again because he obviously loves the game.

23:00 Carmelo Anthony may inspire his teammates to up their fashion game which may be contagious and lead to more inspired play on the court.

26:05 It is hard to get back on the court when you are returning from injury or been away for a long time. It was nice to see that even if he couldn’t execute, he had an idea of what to do. As he gets back into game shape, maybe he can make more of those plays.

27:00 He had a lot of responsibilities in his first game back due to Lillard not being there.

29:15 We play GM. How would we fix the Trail Blazers?

29:30 Option 1: Throw in the towel. Rest Lillard and McCollum. Work with what you’ve got. It might look like tanking but it’s more like enduring.

34:30 Option 2: Sign a center that can set a pick. Possibly Joakim Noah or Greg Monroe.

37:25 Option 3: If we could undo any trades from the past, would we? Nitz would re-sign LaMarcus, Tara would re-sign Ed Davis (who Cassidy reminded her is out with a broken leg, get well soon Ed!), Cassidy would undo the Whiteside trade.

42:00 Option 4: Out of the box ideas? Have an all-retirement tour team with Carmelo Anthony, Coach Pau Gasol, and add Vince Carter and Jamal Crawford.

43:00 Trade for Draymond Green (who can’t be traded until February 2).

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Music used in the episode: “Happy Alley” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.

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