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Seth Curry Discusses Differences Between Stotts & Carlisle

The Athletic’s Tim Cato spoke with Seth Curry about the differences between Terry Stotts and Rick Carlisle.

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Dallas Mavericks v Chicago Bulls Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

Seth Curry will return to the court for the Mavericks after a two-year hiatus that involved a lengthy injury rehabilitation and a stint with the Trail Blazers. As far as coaching goes, the 29-year-old guard has grown accustomed to a specific coaching tree in the NBA.

Prior to heading to Portland, Terry Stotts successfully served on Rick Carlisle’s staff for four seasons in Dallas. While both coaches have obvious similarities, The Athletic’s Tim Cato spoke with Curry about the differences between the two coaches.

Curry explained that both Stotts and Carlisle have a gift when designing offensive sets, but the language isn’t always the same. Outside of verbiage, Stotts’ approach allows players to get creative.

The language is a lot different. I was a little confused last year, because we run a lot of the same sets we ran here, but they were completely different names switched around. That was kinda confusing. Just the way they coach, Rick is a lot more meticulous in the way he coaches. He pays attention to every single detail. Terry, he puts his stamp on that Portland system, and he gave his guards a lot of freedom. Dame, CJ – I think he coached them based on the roster he has. But you can tell Terry came out of the Rick system, tutelage, and he’s a great offensive mind.

You can read Cato’s full interview with Curry at The Athletic (subscription required).