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Final: Blazers 122, Kings 112

Portland bounces back from an opening night loss with a victory over the woeful Kings.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Sacramento Kings Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Portland battled all night before finally pulling away late picking up their first win of the season in Sacramento. The Blazers still looked shaky at times, but the Kings took it to another level, making occasional runs before falling behind by around 10 points again. Eventually the wheels came off for Sacramento in the fourth, and Lillard and McCollum dominated late to blow it open.

Box Score

A few quick thoughts from an important win:

  • Anferee cuts loose. Simons shot 6-9 for 15 points, looking ready to be an offensive contributor off the bench.
  • Kings had no answer for Hassan. Whiteside played to his strengths, grabbing rebounds, dunking lobs, and adding a few blocks inside.
  • Let’s not talk about the defense. It looked a bit better in the second half, but, well, they were playing the Kings. Speaking of which...
  • Nothing has changed for the Kings. They were supposed to be ready to take it to the next level, but this is the second straight game where they’ve been blown out in the second half.

Portland heads to Dallas next, for a Sunday tilt against the Mavs.

Bonus! For tonight only, a rare throwback to the old recap days: The best of the Gameday Thread! Thanks to the crew for hanging out on a Friday night when they had to watch the Kings.

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
12 Timmay! A couple Gameday Thread notes for the veterans and the newbies...
9 Mortimer KOBE SUCKS!
9 RipCityREC-kingMachine Go Blazers!
9 OfficerCosta Yes!
8 Ha Cha Cha Go Trail Blazers!!
8 RipCityREC-kingMachine Tri-tip, green beans and sauteed shrooms FTW!
8 tiedyesteve Go Portland Trail Blazers!!!
6 Mortimer I'm sick of Bill using that excuse
6 OfficerCosta Home made chili
6 Lassiie Just wanted to comment, anyone see Steph's stat line from last night?
5 OfficerCosta Too easy!
5 ParticleAccelerator You just got boiled, bro.
5 ParticleAccelerator Oh my gosh.
5 Timmay! If you think Curry might get exposed, just wait to see Draymond.
5 commonsense blazer Fresh deer venison
5 Timmay! It's not meant as complicated. Being extra-denigrating (to an unreasonable level) toward the players, coaches, broadcasters, referees...
5 GMan83201 [no title]
5 RipCityREC-kingMachine Chili season is upon us! Good call!
4 Corwin71 Mario is in a weird spot
4 AUS2PDX When Mario said he could guard 4 positions I think he just meant that he was equally incompetent against all of the positions, haha
4 Lassiie The only solace I have is that it seems like 90% of the wide open 3s are strictly terrible communication on our part....which means that with a few more games of familiarity, we should get that ironed out.
4 Timmay! Good news if you can't see, Portland is playing the Kings!
4 Corwin71 Stotts' halftime pep talk: "It's the Kings, guys"
4 BoiledSalmonandDurianVinaigrette Stick it too the Maloof brothers
4 Jeremy Wonderly baze guarding the whole 3 point arc himself!
4 RipCityREC-kingMachine It works great if you're a 6'5" elf
4 svinyard Baze isn't perfect but that dude plays inspiring basketball
4 Timmay! Pants? What are those?
4 Anomaly81 This isn't an old-boys club?!? I'M OUT!