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Blazer’s Edge Charity Night 2020 Announced

If you help, Blazer’s Edge will once again send 2000 or more kids in need to see a game this season!

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Minnesota Timberwolves Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

With your help, Blazer’s Edge will once again be sending over 2000 children in need from the greater Portland area to see a Portland Trail Blazers game this season. This year we have tickets reserved for the Blazers’ game versus Karl-Anthony Towns and the Minnesota Timberwolves on March 17th. If you purchase from the Trail Blazers website using the link and promo code below, every ticket you buy will be donated to a local child or youth who otherwise wouldn’t be able to go. We send chaperones too! Entire classes and community organizations get to see their favorite team live and in action because of your generosity.

Blazer’s Edge Night is always a fantastic time. As you prepare for the opening of the 2019-20 season, would you please consider donating a ticket or two? Prices start at only $11 per ticket and none of them are that expensive. For $20, you can make the entire YEAR for a couple of kids. For $100, you could potentially send most of a row. If you can swing the more expensive seats, the participants like that even better! Get together with your office, fraternity/sorority, or other organization and make a huge difference!

There’s no overhead if you contribute this way, and nothing hidden. You buy the tickets, the Blazers set them aside, and they go to kids in need whose teachers, principals, counselors, coaches, and mentors request them.

Here’s how to help:

Click this link: Trail Blazers Group Ticket Portal

Type in this promo code: BLAZERSEDGE

That’s it! Just purchase the tickets as if you were buying them for yourself, and they’re AUTOMATICALLY DONATED to kids in need!

Please help out if you can, and Go Blazers!

P.S. If you like socks...

The good folks at are once again partnering with us this year. They’ve designed the socks you see right below. You can purchase them through this link. When you buy a pair of socks, they buy a ticket for a participant to go to Blazer’s Edge Night. Want some nifty footwear for yourself while you send someone to see the Blazers play? This is the way to go!