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Botkin on Blazers: ‘Don’t Sleep on Portland’

CBS Sports’ Brad Botkin explains his bullish approach to the Trail Blazers.

NBA: Preseason-Portland Trail Blazers at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

No other team in the NBA splits preseason predictions quite like the Trail Blazers.

No matter what website you check, podcast you listen to, or columnist you read; it seems as if there is constant grappling over whether the Blazers are rated too high or low.

One columnist who skews towards the bullish side of the Blazers prospects this season is CBS Sports’ Brad Botkin. In his post centering on 25 reasons to be excited for the 2019-20 season, Botkin suggest that coach Terry Stotts’ squad is once again entering the season undervalued.

Botkin explains that he isn’t worried about the Blazers frontcourt situation and believes that Hassan Whiteside is more than capable of holding down the fort until Jusuf Nurkic returns. He also argues that continuity matters when referencing the team’s star-studded backcourt.

Portland has a lot of continuity in its backcourt and DAMIAN FREAKING LILLARD!!!! One day people are going to realize Lillard belongs in the conversation with the absolute best players in the world, and any team he’s on should never be doubted. Yet, here we are again.

Like many other columnists, Botkin brings up the idea of a midseason win-now trade that could push the Blazers over the top in the postseason.

The Blazers, like Boston, feel ripe for a win-now trade. Blake Griffin? Kevin Love? They have attractive assets, especially if they were willing to consider moving Anfernee Simons or Zach Collins. Rookie Nassir Little has lottery talent. Future picks would have to be attached.

Hopefully the Blazers’ season lives up to Botkins rosy expectations, and as he concludes:

Don’t sleep on Portland. You’ve been warned. Again.

You can read the full post from Botkin at CBS Sports.