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Call Your Shot - Portland Trail Blazers Prediction Thread

We’ve spent months speculating; let’s officially predict what’s going to happen. No prediction is too bold!

Oklahoma City Thunder v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Five Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

We finally will have regular season Trail Blazers basketball this week! The time for prognostication, speculation, and predictions is finally almost over. So let’s celebrate final speculation thread, of course.

This is your chance to make your predictions. Regular season wins, how far the team makes into the playoffs, individual player statistical benchmarks; no prediction is too bold.

I’ll go first. The Trail Blazers are going to be better than last season based on the eye-test, but will step back in terms of win-total. The Western Conference is stacked, Nurkic is still injured to start the season, and it will likely take a few weeks for all of the newcomers to gel.

My prediction? 48 wins.

Call your shot. Which role-player will excel? Which starter will struggle? Let us know in the comments!