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Seattle Seahawks Inducting Paul Allen Into Ring of Honor

Allen will be honored before Seattle’s game on Oct. 3.

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Paul Allen, the late owner of the Portland Trail Blazers and Seattle Seahawks, will be inducted into the Seahawks’ Ring of Honor before the team’s upcoming game on Oct. 3. Allen will be the 12th Ring of Honor inductee. More from Allen’s sister, Jody, via

“The Seahawks and the 12s are part of what makes Seattle such an exciting city and fantastic community, and the community and the fans were at the forefront of Paul’s mind when he purchased the Seahawks,” said Jody Allen. “This Ring of Honor induction celebrates Paul’s legacy and the impact he made on not only the Seahawks organization, but the entire Pacific Northwest. It is fitting that he is the 12th member of the Ring of Honor. He was the proudest 12 of all.”

You can read more about the ceremony here.