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Which Trail Blazers Player Will Seize the Season?

With turnover on the roster there is plenty of room for players to shine. Who will make the most of the opportunities presented this season?

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Minnesota Timberwolves Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

Portland Trail Blazers Media Day, 2019 is in the books and it’s time to get down to business. Blazers Outsider Joe Simons and Blazers Edge editor Steve Dewald joined the podcast to discuss what we are optimistic about and what we are worried about in the upcoming season.

A lot of new players means a lot of opportunities for guys to take a big leap, or struggle to find their place. Will Damian Lillard be an MVP finalist? Will Hassan Whiteside fit right in? How much will Lillard miss Coach Vanterpool? How will Zach Collins and Rodney Hood do what it took Al-Farouq Aminu and Maurice Harkless years to figure out?

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1:45 Highlights from other teams’ media days as we’re waiting for Portland’s to start. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant did not disappoint and Moe Harkless will always be a Blazer.

9:00 Looking forward to Trail Blazers’ media day. What are going to be the hottest topics? How much weight did Zach Collins gain, how tall is everyone really?

10:00 In which we certify our heights.

12:00 If you could ask a question at media day what would you ask? What is on the Snapchats that Hassan Whiteside doesn’t send? How does Anfernee Simons like golfing in Oregon? Does he need a fourth? How did Zach feel landing in Las Vegas during the earthquakes? Was he scared? Is Coach Stotts underrated?

18:30 Will Jusuf Nurkic be at media day?

22:00 What are you feeling optimistic about? Lots of opportunities, more dunks with Hassan Whiteside, Damian Lillard gets into MVP discussion, Anfernee Simons breakout season, more space for Lillard, Hassan Whiteside will have a good year.

32: What worries us? Holes in the roster, unproven players will be relied on for important minutes, 2019, the beginning of the season will be tough, the exit of David Vanterpool, how are Collins and Hood going to replace Aminu and Harkless?

43:00 The name of the new 3-4 combo will be CoHo--”Something fishy’s going on”

45:00 More songs for the 2020 Trail Blazer’s Playlist.

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