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Blazer’s Edge March to the Deadline: Trade Machine Competition

Blazer’s Edge contributor Steve Dewald wants to see your best Blazers-themed NBA Trade Machine submissions.

Scottie Pippen #33

The NBA Trade Deadline is only weeks away, and the Trail Blazers are in the middle of a loaded field of Western Conference contenders. With that in mind, Blazer’s Edge contributor Steve Dewald wants to see your best NBA Trade Machine ideas.

Admit it, we have all spent a little too long on ESPN’s acquisition tool, so lets put that time to good use.

What’s at stake?

Nothing. But seriously, Blazer’s Edge will feature a trio of submissions every Sunday leading up to the trade deadline. The submissions will be broken down into the following categories:

  • Most Realistic

Trying to be featured in this category? You better run your ideas by a friend first. These deals must make sense for the Blazers and the other parties involved.

  • Most Creative

Spoiler alert, Steve loves deals that involve the rights to Dani Diez. Intricate pick protections, salary cap gymnastics, and draft rights will receive bonus points here.

  • For the Laughs

Whether it is intentional or not, if you make Steve chuckle, you might take down this abstract-themed category.

How it works

All trades must function inside ESPN’s Trade Machine. Trades can be submitted directly to Steve in three different ways.

  • You can tag him on Twitter @SteveDHoops with a photo and brief explanation of your trade.
  • You can send your trades to him via e-mail (
  • Or you can post them on Twitter using the hashtag #FakeNBATradesForSteve

Make sure to check back next Sunday for the results from the first week.