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Jusuf Nurkic Has Arrived—But Will He Stay?

Dan and Tara look back on Nurkic’s recent strong play.

Philadelphia 76ers v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Cameron Browne/NBAE via Getty Images

On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast Tara Bowen-Biggs and Danny Marang have an off day pod to take a look at the night that was for Jusuf Nurkic, Damian Lillard’s All-Star odds, the Blazers going back in time, resorting the Blazers offense, where does CJ McCollum fit in now, storylines to be left in 2018 and more!



Opening Comments

2:00 Lillard All-Star odds

4:00 The schedule gets “less bleak” after a brutal December

5:20 “I don’t understand how the Blazers are playing every other night”

6:20 You can run the offense through Jusuf Nurkic

8:00 Takeaways from the Nurkic 5x5 performance

9:10 How would Nurkic react without having the ball?

11:00 Nurkic picking and choosing his moments better this year

12:30 Harkless has the ability to be THAT guy nightly, that’s what’s frustrating

16:20 “Moe is filling that 3rd option.”

17:30 “I love it when he (Aminu) brings the chaos.”

20:30 “Right now I think it’s best that Dame is the 1st option and then Nurkic (with the ball) as the 2nd option.”

23:00 “I love the bounce pass...but please throw one over the top.”

24:40 Have the Blazers found something to counter what teams will throw at Dame?

29:00 Thoughts on Seth (Curry) and the 2nd unit’s performance lately

34:35 I worry that the matchups have favored Nurkic recently, how will he do

35:00 Nurkic has spent the last few years figuring out his skills and what it all means within the context of the team

38:00 CJ McCollum and his evolution within this new offense

42:00 What are the storylines you want to see left behind in 2018?

43:00 Zach Collins should start

46:00 Feeling sorry for the Warriors

47:10 Saying Meyers Leonard isn’t good

50:10 It’s not how much the Blazers pass, it’s where they pass to

Closing Comments